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The third birthday of this blog

Escrito el 16 de febrero de 2011.

Today it's been a week after the third birthday of this blog which is not very active at the moment but little by little is coming back to life, he's witnessed different periods of my life in the last three years therefore he's in a way like a friend, or like one of the readers.

Celebrating this third anniversary i’ll post one of the songs i liked the most in my late listening experience, I’m talking about Puente Celeste, his latest work «Canciones» and his miraculous song «Gincana».
Together with this piece of art I also post today Diego Amador and his «Sangre Milenaria» which is to be found in his latest work «Río de los Canasteros». I whish everyone a year full of prosperity, enlightenment and love, also that you enjoy this music in our birthday.
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